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Viper atomizer manufacturer in China.If you need to put your logo on the clearomizer, please contact us by mail sales[@]
Our website is www [dot] vapecig [dot] co

In Korea, 14mm diameter bottom OCC clearomizer are very popular. It uses Japan organic cotton coil and works with both high and low voltage battery. The famous brands are Justfog S14 clearomizer, Viper atomizer and HAKA GinX. etc.
After testing them all by our engineers, we found the best is Viper atomizer, then Justfog S14, the worst is Haka Ginx:
Viper atomizer > Justfog S14 > Haka Ginx
Viper atomizer: The cartomizer absorbs e-liquid more rapidly with more pure taste. No burnt taste even with 4.8V battery. You can vape right after you refill e-juice.
Justfog S14: The safe voltage is below 4.6V. Taste is not pure as viper atomizer. Customer has to wait more than 2 mins to vape after filling e-juice.
Haka Ginx: Because of its top refilling system, the clearomizer leaks a lot. The coil also shows burnt taste. Have to wait 2 more mins to smoke after filling e-liquid.
As a manufacturer of viper coil, BF company now show why the three clearomizers differs so much:



Viper atomizer uses oval ceramic base (0 type) while Justfog S14 and Haka Ginx choose round ceramic base (o type). With more room, the cotton in oval type ceramic base absorbs e-liquid more rapidly. While cotton in round type ceramic base, it is pressed too tight that leads pure oil absorption and burnt taste.

2. Work with different type e-liquid, can use syrupy VG e-liquid, significantly more vapor.



Lots of customers prefer VG e-liquid  because it creates a lot more vapor. Our bottom ceramic OCC coil absorbs e-juice more quickly. With our improved structure OCC coil, you can enjoy strong throat hit with your PG dilute e-liquid or cloud of vapor by VG thick e-liquid. 

3. Different heating wire, made in USA, longer lifespan


4.      Tolerance Control
As we know, Justfog is the best of controlling product tolerance in the three clearomizers. Though they use round ceramic base, Justfog S14 coil shows no burnt taste with battery below 4.6V. It is because Justfog do good job in tolerance control. Haka Ginx couldn’t catch Justfog in tolerance control, so it results burnt taste. With top refilling system, it is easy to leak.
As for viper atomizer, they control tolerance better than Haka Ginx, but not good as Justfog. However, they are smart to use oval ceramic base instead. Such structure absorbs e-juice rapidly causing no burnt taste.